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Jolly Green has cared for plants, trees, and shrubs on Long Island since 1976. Our pest control programs will also allow to enjoy your yard without the threat of Mosquitos, Ticks, or Fleas.

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Plant Health Care Services

For over 40 years, we have worked closely with residential and commercial clients, as well as long island's best landscaping professionals to provide the right environment for your plants.

Plant Health Care

Preventative maintenance with the least toxic approach with Organic or biological rational sprays can fend off a small problem before it becomes an infestation.

Deep Root Feeding

We evaluate soil nutrient levels and and custom blend fertilizer to meet the needs of your woody plants and trees. Ensuring that they are healthy enough…problems more easily. All of your plants can benefit from our special feeding program.

Soil Testing

The root to healthy plants is proper balance of levels of all of the essential nutrients. We conduct comprehensive soil nutrients analysis and soil structure analysis.

Mosquito, Tick & Flea Control

Eliminate pests with the least toxic application in the areas where your children play. Our natural products provide immediate control and lasting deterrent of insects.

Organic Lawn Care

The start of a healthy and beautiful lawn is the soil. We take the approach of transitioning your lawn to growing in the most optimal conditions possible.

Poison Ivy Removal

Jolly Green has specialized removal programs where we can control the weed or completely remove it from your property mechanically.

Storm Remediation

Trees that are damaged by storms need to be re trained and transformed back into a proper tree form. Taking a multi year approach to re forming the trees takes a proper eye and understanding of tree biology.

Fine Pruning

Expert pruning of small ornamental trees and shrubs, on schedule for the biology of the tree. Improper pruning will inhibit a tree's natural defense systems.

Deer Repellants

Deer are a persistent problem on long island. They will eat an entire landscape in a night. The use of natural deterrents can save your landscape.

Arboricultural Diagnostics

If your tree is showing symptoms of ill health, which may be related to pest or disease, cultural or other reasons, samples can be taken for analysis.


All of our product labels are available for review here.

Long Island Organic Mosquito Control

Enjoy Your Yard Without Mosquitos, Ticks, or Fleas. We offer natural products which provide immediate control and a lasting olfactory deterrent. Natural and safe for areas where childen and pets play.

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Why choose us?

Certified Arborist NY-5666A

Fully licensed and insured. Certified Arborist International Society of Arboriculture. Tree Risk Assessment Qualified Arborist by the International Society of Arboriculture.

Over 40 Years Experience

Founded in 1976, our passion for the business has never waned. We take great pride in serving our clients and enhancing the environment in which we all live.

High Professional Standards

New York State Certified Pesticide applicator categories 3A (Ornamental and turf) 5b (Aquatic Insect) 6a (Right of way) 8 (Public health), USDA Asian Long Horn Beetle certified, Suffolk County Certified Organic, Be-Green certified NYS

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