Long Island Mosquito, Flea, & Tick Control


With the changing environment, many new insects have been introduced into Long Island. Species such as the Asian tiger mosquito, and the lone star tick are notorious for carrying and transmitting disease. These pests will invade your yards and your home.

At Jolly Green, we reccomend the most effective and least toxic applications possible being made to your home, directly in the areas where your children play. Our natural products can provide both an immediate control and as well as a lasting olfactory deterrent of the insects. Noxious insect carry numerous pathogens which can be very detrimental.

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The cost depends on the property and the mosquito pressure at your property. To request an estimate, call us at (516) 586-3173.

Our organic cedar based spray lasts between 2-3 weeks depending on weather conditions at the time.

We spray your home every two weeks to ensure season-long control of mosquitoes on your property.

A new variety of mosquitoes has been introduced in to our environment the Asian tiger mosquito which feeds during the day unlike the common house mosquito that only feeds closer to dawn and dusk.

Mosquitos only require a very small volume of water to go through their life cycle less then the volume of a bottle cap.

The formulation we use is entirely plant bases oils they so they are the most child and pet friendly formulations available on the market today.

As mosquitoes spend the day resting in the grass and in other cool dark places it is very effective to spray during the day as we target those areas with the applications.